Steveston Harbour Authority

Providing Safety, Service and Security to Commercial Fishers Since 1990

Welcome to Steveston Harbour - the largest commercial fishing harbour in Canada under the DFO - SCH Harbour Authority Program. Steveston Harbour is located on the south arm of the Fraser River at the south end of Richmond, BC and is composed of two main sites: Paramount and Gulf.

The Paramount site extends from the south foot of No. 2 Road to the Britannia Shipyard National Historic Site and is the main industrial area of the harbour, offering a plethora of on site services through Harbour Authority staff and our upland tenants, a list of which can be found here. The Gulf site is located between No. 1 Road and Garry Point Park and consists of a combination of working docks, shops and restaurants, and gear storage facilities.

Looking for moorage? For active, licensed commercial fishing vessels, click here to make an online inquiry or call the Steveston Harbour Authority main office at 604-272-5539. Pleasure craft owners, please note that Steveston Harbour is a commercial fishing harbour, not a marina. As such, we have extremely limited space for pleasure craft. If you are a pleasure craft owner and wish to moor in our transient slip in Steveston for up to five consecutive days or if you would like to be added to our long term moorage waiting list, please click here or call our main office line at 604-272-5539.

Please note that all vessels that use Steveston Harbour facilities, transient or otherwise, must read, sign and return a Berthage and Vessel Storage Agreement as a condition of occupancy. Copies of this agreement can be obtained by clicking here, by visiting our main office at 12740 Trites Road, Richmond BC, V7E 3R8, or by contacting our 24 hour operations staff, who can be reached at 778-228-9259 (after business hours or on weekends only).

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Amenities Available at Steveston Harbour*

- vessel moorage

- ice plant

- fish unloading station (Steveston Seafood Auction)

- 50 ton travel lift (Strait Marine)

- vessel repair area

- dry land storage area

- welding shops (Action, Bishop's, Vina)

- rigging / mast work (Ocean Rigging)

- boat launch ramp

- seine and gillnet repair areas

- loading derricks

- loading / unloading piers

- waste disposal (garbage, oil, filters, batteries, nets)

- net and gear storage (indoor and outdoor)

- public fish sales float

- washrooms and showers

- wifi service available in most areas

*Note: as many of the above services are either provided by on site tenants or subject to the availability of SHA staff, Steveston Harbour Authority does not guarantee the availability of these services at any given time.