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Today on the Public Sales Float

(as of April 20, 2014 10:09 AM)

*Note* - the above information is collected daily, but not all vendors provide their catch information to us, so some vessels may be marked down but have no specific product listed. Also, vessels and vendors come and go as they please, so Steveston Harbour Authority cannot guarantee that the listed vessels above will be there upon your arrival.

*Note* - fishers are not allowed to sell processed (i.e. steaked, smoked, vacuum sealed, etc.) product on the sales float, nor are they allowed to cut fish while on the float. They may sell gutted and headed fish, but that is the extent of the processed product that is allowed to be sold, and the heading and gutting must be carried out prior to their arrival at the sales float. If you see any vendor selling processed product or cutting / gutting fish on the float, please call the Steveston Harbour Authority at 604-272-5539 or, after regular business hours or on weekends, at 778-228-9259.

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Public Fish Sales Float

  1. 1) Seaworthy I: Sea Urchin

  2. 2) Ta-Nika: Salmon, Tuna & Cod

  3. 3) Brittany Bay: Shrimp & Salmon

  4. 4) Judy N: Shrimp & Salmon

  5. 5) Go Cong: Shrimp & Salmon

  6. 6) Mai Lis: Shrimp, Cod & Groundfish

  7. 7) Blue Eagle IV: Shrimp