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Today on the Public Sales Float

(as of August 15, 2014 11:26 AM)

Please be aware that at during the spring and summer, it is not unusual for California sea lions to frequent the area around the public sales float. These animals, while majestic, are wild and should not be interacted with or fed under any circumstances. Feeding sea lions is an inherently dangerous thing to do, as they can be unpredictable and may bite. Feeding them is also detrimental to the animals themselves, as it encourages human interaction and they may begin to associate humans with food, which could affect their ability to hunt in the wild. If you see anyone feeding or otherwise interacting with these animals, call the Steveston Harbour Authority at 604-272-5539

*Note* - the above information is collected daily, but not all vendors provide their catch information to us, so some vessels may be marked down but have no specific product listed. Also, vessels and vendors come and go as they please, so Steveston Harbour Authority cannot guarantee that the vessels listed above will be there upon your arrival.

*Note* - fishers are not allowed to sell processed (i.e. steaked, smoked, vacuum sealed, etc.) product on the sales float, nor are they allowed to cut fish while on the float. They may sell gutted and headed fish, but that is the extent of the processed product that is allowed to be sold, and the heading and gutting must be carried out prior to their arrival at the sales float. If you see any vendor selling processed product or cutting / gutting fish on the float, please call the Steveston Harbour Authority at 604-272-5539 or, after regular business hours or on weekends, at 778-228-9259.

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Public Fish Sales Float

  1. 1) La Barka: FROZEN fish: black cod, ling cod, ROCKFISH/SNAPPER: pacific ocean perch, short spine thorny heads, red bandit, green stripe, canary OPEN FRIDAY- 3:00pm-5:00pm, SATURDAY 8:00am-5:00pm, Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm

  2. 2) Sea Worthy I: sea urhcins & sockeye salmon

  3. 3) Spring Persuader: cod & sockeye salmon

  4. 4) Rondale: sockeye salmon

  5. 5) Brittany Bay: sockeye salmon & shrimp

  6. 6) Go Cong: sockeye salmon

  7. 7) Blue Eagle IV: shrimp

  8. 8) Joe Le: sockeye salmon

  9. 9) Judy N: sockeye salmon

  10. 10) Silver Dragon: life sole

  11. 11)Tanya Ray: tuna

  12. 12)The Rookie: life sole

  13. 13)Comeback: sockeye salmon

  14. 14)Double T: sockeye salmon